Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Present 2013: My Return To Writing

It's hard to believe how fast time goes by, how you can feel as if you are the only steady thing in a world that never ceases to change.  Today marks my first day of return to my India blog, originally started in the summer of 2010 and left neglected for an indeterminable amount of time.  Much has happened in the time gaps, it's true.  There was a disastrous stunt in California in late 2010 and early 2011, a return home to Michigan with a four month separation from Sanjeev; a brief, but enlightening return to India in the fall of 2011, this time in Delhi; a train excursion from North to South India and back again; the return again to my home for seven months of separation; and a repeat return, quite surprisingly to Bangalore in the late spring of 2012 accompanying me this time was my beloved, and now world traveler chihuahua Bubby.  Since then I have been relatively rooted in one place, pardon two more trips to the U.S. and visits in Michigan and Long Island, New York.  We have successfully achieved a full year of living in our highrise apartment in an upscale (and quite snotty) location smack dab on Hosur Main Road in Electronic City - the Silicon Valley of India.  Quite accidentally we added another furry child to our life, an Indian street dog who has been thoughtlessly dubbed "Little Pup".  He's come a long way from his near death puppy-hood and is now a happy, healthy, and quite naughty one year old, even if he only has one and a half ears.  In February of 2013, after three full years of a roller-coaster life, and with a lot of help from our Rupee currency, Sanjeev Kumar Tyagi and I officially married.  Since then, it has been a smooth sailing, and a quite mundane Indian life.

This time around I am not a tourist, nor am I the wide-eyed girl that was so overwhelmed in the new experience of living abroad.  I have become quite Indianized you see, and this return to writing really isn't about documenting exciting experiences in India (though I hope some will rear their heads once in a while).  Instead this blog is all about my return to writing, an inner journey that seeks to again find some of that moving writing I believe I was once able to create.  A challenge created and presented by yours truly to push the limits and test the waters of a writing life.  My blog is bias, it is a purely subjective documentation of my experience and perspective of living life in Bangalore.  My perspective about the reality of life here only represents my own world-view, it cannot be assumed to be fact, nor can it represent any true sense of reality.  I state this disclaimer now so as to avoid persecution for my raw and perhaps insensitive, inaccurate, or overly dramatic writing.

With all of that said, let the writing (and hopefully reading) commence!
*crickets chirping*

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