Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Early Years 2010: Customer Service Still Exists!

Originally Posted on July 8, 2010.

Seinfeld's episode "The Cafe" came to mind to me today.  It's a season three episode in which Jerry attempts to aid a Pakistani restaurant owner in his business.  Babu Bhatt has incredible service, and he's so happy to get a customer that he waits for Jerry to take a sip of water before immediately filling the glass again.  This is something like the service you find at the restaurants in India. We ate at a local restaurant this evening called "24th Main."  It is an upscale restaurant where they wait on you like royalty. Everything is neat and tidy, the waiters act like butlers, and they sincerely serve you as if their lives depend on it. Whenever we attend these types of restaurants I am flattered by the amazing service I receive, yet I also feel like a rich bitch in letting them serve me so well.  They pull out my chair for me and lay the cloth napkin in my lap.  They bring out their serving dishes and fill our plates.  And once we get done with the first round, the waiter, (Ganesh in this case,) is there to immediately serve us again.  The meal cost us roughly $21.00 and considering the amazing food and service, it truly is a steal.  Every time we eat at a restaurant like this I comment on how you can never receive such fantastic customer service in the states.  Really, can anyone remember the last time they ate at a restaurant where they treated you as such?  I don't think so.  In the states I am happy if they manage to get the order right and toss it on the table for me to scarf down like the disgusting pig they believe me to be. Whatever happened to customer service in the states?  Apparently, it's still alive in the East.
(Per request of Mr. Big Boy, I will explain that the food was excellent at this restaurant.  They perfectly prepared the dishes with just the right amount of spice for us white people.  I would tell you what I had but I can never remember the names of the food.  Too easy to forget.)

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