Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Early Years 2010: Suffering

Originally Posted on July 26th, 2010.

Few understand the concept that for some, it can be more painful to see animals suffering than to see their fellow humans suffering. I do not know why I feel more emotion for animals and the earth than I do for humans, perhaps it is because they have no voice. They are helpless next to man.  Some people believe that we are on this earth to protect and take care of all other life.  Others believe that we are here to dominate and control all other life.  When did we lose the respect for the Earth that created and still nurtures us? When did the animals that are incredible in their own right become ours to exploit and murder?  When did the Earth become ours to destroy?  As I become more aware to what we have done to this earth, the pain of its reality grows inside me.
In India I witness this suffering everyday.  Every single homeless dog I see has its own spirit, its own mind, and its own heart. They have beauty within them, their spirits are sacred, and they receive little empathy.  They starve on the streets spending endless hours scavenging throughout the city, eating trash for survival.  Some have growths on them I believe are caused from eating garbage.  Some are so diseased and mangy, some are deformed from accidents and dog attacks, some cannot walk on all four legs, and almost all of struggle to survive in this concrete man's world.  They all carry the sheer hell they experience within their eyes.  This weekend, in one of the busiest areas within Bangalore, I watched a stray yellow lab stand in the middle of a shopping entrance.  It was night time and people were scattered throughout the opening.  This dog stood there in the middle of the entrance, watching people going about their social get-togethers.  He looked confused, hungry and scared, just standing and staring.  Nobody even looked at him, they all just went about their business.  It is such a common sight here to see a dog as such, it has become numb in the minds of Bangaloreans.

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