Thursday, August 15, 2013

Independence Day


Photo Courtesy of The Hindu (2013).

    Today - August 15th, is India's Independence Day, celebrating 67 years of freedom from British rule.  For weeks, Indian pride propaganda has been available on the streets.  Women and children sell small flag trinkets at red lights, shop owners display orange, white, and green hanging lights.  With the upcoming elections drawing closer, political talk of a new India is all the rage.

     It's another dreary monsoon day where the rain just doesn't want to stop.  As a national holiday, most everyone is home and enjoying the day off, and the streets of Bangalore lack their original buzz of life.  As I sit in my spare bedroom, I look out the large window that gives me a wonderful view of the city.  The sky is covered in a monotone of gray and the rain has picked up again.  Just then, I see a goods truck driving along the Hosur's highway overpass with a full size flag waving from its roof.  You gotta love the enthusiasm in this country, all but the muslims are full of Indian pride. 

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